How To Make More Testosterone Naturally

The first thing here is if you’re working out big muscles, you’re going to use up your testosterone. How does a really in shape muscle builder ensures that he continues to make big muscles? It may not ensure that he gets laid but he’s getting his big muscles, he needs that testosterone to do that. And there are four methods that well studied but in researchers, and the medical researchers, and the science researchers, they’re not weightlifters, they don’t understand this stuff.  Weightlifters know you work out hard, you use those muscles to the full max that releases the testosterone, and he gets used up to build those muscles. Then you rest, you have to have recovery time. I’ll say it again, resting recovery time, a time when you have to think about anybody but you. That’s my cave time, that’s men are from Mars, women are from Venus. It is like the revelation for everybody is that men forever have always had down time, they work hard, and then they relax. They can meditate, in some cultures men just meditating when they come home from work, they meditate, others sit in front of the fire, now they sit in front of the TV show, they read the newspaper, they go into their cave for a while to relax after working hard.

Men don’t stop working today. They come home; they keep working, you be online, you’re working all the time. To work all the time you need to fully relax. You know, to get a job fifty years ago, on your resume, it said: “What’s your hobby?”. If you didn’t have a hobby, you weren’t suitable to be hired, because if you don’t have a hobby, and a hobby is some kind of anything a woman would consider a waste of time, is a hobby that you enjoy doing. It has to be relaxing, something that you enjoy, something that doesn’t  your livelihood is not based on, it is a down time. Men, if you’re going to work hard, you need to have down time, if you want to rebuild your testosterone, it’s in downtime. If you’re just working hard all the time, if you’re lifting muscles every day, you lift the muscles, your muscles will start breaking down. When you rest after hard working, then your muscles will rebuild, and they will become stronger. Why are they rebuilding, they are stronger? Because you rested hard, you rebuilt your testosterone in order to handle that situation.

We’re not getting enough relaxation, men. That is what rebuilds testosterone. Now that’s half the equation. There’s the other group of guys who aren’t out there working hard; they’re out of work; they’re not using their muscles, they’re not challenging themselves, they’re just sitting around watching TV all the time, they’re just stuck in the cave. The cave does not rebuild your testosterone unless you’re out in the world solving problems, using your potential, using it up all day long, then at night relaxing. You’ve got to have your rest time you’ve got to have your relaxation time, which is not sleeping. Conscious relaxation is very very important. It could just be 30 minutes; it could be two hours, it will be vary depending upon how much testosterone you’ve used up. But if you don’t use it up, you don’t make it. And that’s part of the whole thing.  If you take testosterone, your body stops making it. You can use it up, but your body loses this ability over time to make it.

So what’s the solution to this? That’s the bottom line of the big hormonal balance for men is that if your body don’t produce enough amount of testosterone, then you will be estrogen dominant. Once you start getting more estrogen, estrogen stores. Estrogen contributes to storing fat in the abdomen area. As soon as a man starts getting belly fat, it means your estrogen dominant. We got female hormones all over the place; we’re eating them, we’re breathing them, we’re drinking them, it’s all over the place. So that was another cause.

So we’ve got to get the estrogen out of the body. Great product for that is Myomin. Myomin prevents the testosterone from converting to an estrogen. Once you get estrogen, you get belly fat; belly fat inhibits the testosterone production, belly fat causes your testosterone to convert into estrogen. Estrogen stores fat in the belly, fat in the belly prevents testosterone from increasing, that converts testosterone to estrogen. Three Chinese herbs and Myomin stop that process. Take those herbs to help cleanse the liver of excess estrogens and also stop the conversion of testosterone to estrogen to become a man again. This is three capsules three times a day for a minimum of three months. Just put yourself in that program and then use as needed if you still need to do. But you’ll get your zest back. Combine that with Tongkat Ali, the testosterone herbs that tell your brain to make more testosterone, because when you have high estrogen, your brain says “don’t make testosterone.” So this is what allows your brain to start sending the message down south to start making more testosterone and stop taking testosterone help your body make it.