Cougar BSN Nurses Check in From Peru

Note from the college: Every year, BSN students from the college have a chance to go to Peru with fellow health professionals to experience nursing in an entirely different environment. The program is open to students in all health care professions and provides an experience in global health care in the Amazon region of Peru. Students apply assessment skills in planning and providing health care to individuals and communities. The program provides an excellent opportunity to analyze the cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors that can influence health care. Field trips include an excursion on the Amazon River and two nights in the jungle, a visit to the Sacred Valley of the Inca and the Machu Picchu ruins nestled on the eastern slopes of the Vilcanota mountain range.

We’ve asked student to send us an update when internet connectivity is available.

Here is an update from Shelby Hansen and Debbie Brinker, co-directer of the BSN program at WSU:

We finished our 4th clinic yesterday. It went amazingly smoothly. We were in a less than perfect location. The smells were overwhelming at times but the people were wonderful. They were so proud of their community and were grateful to have us come and help them. Many of them were actively already seeking medical attention at the posta here in the Iquitos area. The majority of our patients over the last week have been children. Today we get little more of a relaxed day. We are going to the zoo with some of the kiddos living under the organizations roof. It will be a much needed break from the busy clinic days. Everyone is tired but in wonderful spirits. Tomorrow we head down the amazon river 3 hours to head into the jungle for a couple of days for another clinic. The adventure continues.

An update from Debbie Brinker:

All is well here…already have done 4 clinicals, seeing over 100 patients each day. Many children and big families with varied health needs. Lots of learning not only about health needs of families in Peru but about how to collaborate best as team of nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to meet the needs of patients, families, and communities.

To see more photos of the trip, follow the People of Peru on Facebook.