Successful Penis Enlargement Stories

There are a lot of successful penis enlargement stories. The question is what makes them successful?

It is not a secret that there are some effective penis enlargement products available on the market today. And yes, penis size is not set in stone. That’s right. It can be changed. If you are not happy with your present size, you can always do something about it.

Most people who have tried penis enlargement of some kind and have not had success have one thing in common. That is they didn’t put in a full effort. Unless you are willing to commit and put in the work, you will never be able to be successful.

Here are some things that people who have successful penis enlargement story have in common.


Most of the penis enlargement methods require a consistent routine. Think of it like going to the gym. Indeed, You can’t expect to go to the gym one day and see a significant change in your body the day after. The same applies to penis enlargement.

Let’s use penile traction method as an example.

If you wear your extender only a handful of times for under 2 hours, over 6 months, you will get little to no gains. At all. However, if you use it consistently for 6 months, you will get a result. You will have a longer, bigger and stronger penis, that is.


Just because you already chose one method, doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with another. But, does this mean you will have an overnight success? Again, no. However, it will help you along significantly.

Different methods have different benefits

For instance, using a pill or pump has more immediate and less achievable effects. But, practicing penile exercises and using an extender will have a more long term and achievable benefits. The best bet is to practice as many proven methods as possible. There is a downside, though.


You will not know which one is the most efficient in the end. But who cares? Your penis is bigger. That’s what counts.

Set goals

That’s correct. Set goals. When you start with penis enlargement, you should set a series of targets. What kind of goals? Goals that are realistic and you would like to achieve in the short and long term. Measuring and taking pictures regularly will help. Nothing contributes to keeping you on the right track better than seeing a concrete difference from your effort.

Stay committed. You will be surprised by the seeing your before and after photos.

Use the right formula

Ok, most of you think that penis enhancement pills do not work. But you have to learn facts about male enhancement herbs, before making any conclusions. Have you heard about Yohimbe or Maca Root extracts? These herbs are published on FDA website in a section of medically approved components, that improve male potency. So, if you’re planning to create your own penis enlargement strategy, use pills to speed up the process and gain even more size, boost your sexual energy and increase stamina. How to choose the right pill that works? Vig Rx Plus penis enhancement pills have been reviewed by 100 000 blogs, medical sites. Do you know why? Because this supplement has been approved by doctors officially.

Healthy lifestyle

This is important. Really? Yes. Often, losing weight can help your penis seem bigger. And that is simply because you are eliminating fat from around the penile area. There are also many foods and natural dietary supplements that can help you as well. They can make your penis stay harder and stronger for a longer period of time.

Stay motivated

Last but not least, stay motivated. This may be the toughest aspects of penis enlargement. Stay motivated. Stick to your plan. Then you will see the results in no time.

Penis Stretching Devices Facts

Are you considering enlarging your penis to gain more confidence? If so, you should totally try using penis stretcher, which is probably the safer option compared to surgery and pills. Before you commit to using a product, here is a complete reviews and facts about a penis stretching device.

Effective in gaining length

Penis stretching devices are in fact one of the most effective penis enlargement devices out there. On a study that is conducted by a Danish scientist produced a significant result in most men. By using the tool for twelve hours per day, after sixteen weeks the average growth among these men are around one inch. And after twenty-four weeks, most men will gain more about one point eight inches. It is pretty significant knowing, that this is such a non-invasive products for our body. It might add length, but the girth might only grow a little.

More efficient than plastic surgery

For those who have money in their pocket, they would not hesitate to choose plastic surgery than using a penis extender. But do you know that plastic surgery is actually less efficient in enlarging one’s penis? The average penis growth in people who have plastic surgery is only around half an inch. It is significantly different than the result of penis extender, which is around two inches. Plus, plastic surgery might have a regressive effect on the size of your penis. Because of the scarred tissues, your penis might even turn smaller after having plastic surgery.

It is safe to use

Most people are worried about using penis stretching devices as they stretch our penis. The thought of our penis getting stretched and pulled is pretty scary. You might have bad thoughts about it as you might pull a muscle, break a vein or something like that. But the fact is, penis stretching devices are safe to use if you know how to use it. Never pull your penis more than you can handle. They are made to make you comfortable while stretching it. Stretching your penis should not create any pain or discomfort if such thing happens you must stop immediately.