How to Lift Breasts at Home

Today I have a very fun, exciting, informative article for you, guys. I’m going to be telling you how you can lift and firm, tighten your sagging breasts. I know that is something that many women face today and I am one of them. You may think “oh, you’re young, what are you talking about sagging breasts?”. Unfortunately, when you get into the double letter bra sizes, gravity is really not your friend anymore, and that is something that I’m doing with. I decided to get up and research a way to lift and tighten my breast. I’m going to be sharing that with you today, it’s very simple and easy, and you can do it right at home, the natural, safe way to lift your breast.  In just seven days you’ll see the difference. So if you want to know how to lift your sagging breasts, firm your breast, and even if your breasts are not sagging, you just want them to be perkier, keep on reading.

Breast Massage

Step one you’re going to massage your breasts with oil. You can use any oil anywhere from coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, any natural oil of your choice. I’m going to be using coconut oil, and this coconut oil is good for your hair, skin, and your body. Coconut oil is rich in protein. It’s very beneficial for your skin, and it also smells good. So that’s why I’m using the coconut oil. After massaging them generously, you can leave it on; there is no need to take it off.  And I would recommend doing this twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed.

Breast enlargement

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Breast Mask

Now, masking breast is a very popular known way to firm your breast at home. But it depends on the mixture that you use this mask to help tighten up your breast. So step two, make a mixture of something you can find right in your refrigerator at home. We use half of a cucumber. Slice it up with one egg scrambled. Put both ingredients into a blender , blend it until the consistency is not too watery and not too thick. Then you’re going to refrigerate it overnight, and then the next day you’re going to put it on your breasts and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. When it’s done seeping into your pores, you’re going to clean it off with some water. And the reason why we’re going to be using cucumbers and eggs in this mixture is because cucumbers are very beneficial for firming and tightening the skin. Eggs, they contain protein and Zinc, which are perfect for repairing cell damage.

Ice Massage

The third step is an ice massage. It may sound crazy and bizarre. Putting ice on your breasts can be very beneficial. It reactivates the immune system and also helps with stress and fatigue. So all you simply need to do is get some ice, I put it in a plastic baggie, and you’re just going to use the ice to massage your breasts and rub it around the breast in a circular motion for about two minutes each breast. I would recommend doing that once per day. And the ice is very very good with firming up your skin.


Last but not least, we’re going to be doing some exercises for the upper body to help with lifting and firming our breast. I know many people do not like to exercise, and they wish that they can skip this step, but you’re not going to skip this step. You’re just going to do it for at least 10 minutes per day as easy as some push-ups, swimming if you’re very very athletic, or even some arm raises. I think we just sit in bed right before bed and do this: I push my hands together for 10 minutes, and it exercises the whole upper body, simply do that as simple as that, and it works.

I hope that it was very informative and helpful. It was all so easy, just four simple steps that you can follow every day to get your breasts to lift up. And we’re not seeing that is magically going to lift up to right here. It takes time, but it will lift up an inch or two. Trust me, just try it out do it, I’ve done it, and it totally has helped.